Why do I need Home Staging?

Because your potential buyers are not looking for a new home. They are looking for a new lifestyle.

With our Home Staging service, we will adapt your property to the market. In essence, we will show the potential buyer that your property is the perfect home and that it will offer them the lifestyle they are after.

By creating a modern yet warm space your potential buyers will feel emotionally linked to your property. We use contemporary and quality furniture, following the styling trends and applying our property marketing expertise by enhancing the strengths of your home to promote a quicker sale.

By doing this, we are ensuring that your property stands out, generating more viewings and reducing your sale time and potentially increasing your selling price.

Sell your house faster, Generate more viewings,
Optimize your positioning on websites, maximize the value.

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Even the most beautiful houses need professional photography to look their best and make potential buyers fall in love.

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Do you own a nice property but its dated? You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it stand out. Low cost solutions for outstanding results.

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94% of the estate agents surveyed agree that staged homes get more viewings than a nonstaged home.



86% agree that a staged home will sell up to 3 times faster than a nonstaged home.



78% confirm that home staging would increase the offer value of the property by up to 10%

*Data source: Home Staging Report 2019. Home Staging Association of UK & Ireland

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