Home staging is a Marketing technique that consists in preparing your property for sale so that it is very attractive for as many buyers as possible and potentially, increase the selling price. We use styling techniques and handpicked selection of furniture to highlight the best features of your property. We will turn your property into a home that your potential clients can fall in love with. To know more click here.

1.- Free consultation – We will assess the property; we will take measurements and pictures.

Do you live abroad, or you are busy?

Don´t worry, just send us the floorplan and some pictures and we will start working on it!

2.- We will send you a quotation in a maximum of 3 days

3.- Once the quote is accepted, we will give you an installation date! At this point 50% of the quote is payable, 15 days of notice would be ideal.

4.- The day before the installation we charge the remaining 50%. The installation will not begin until payment is visible in our account

5.- The most important day arrives, the day of the installation. We will complete the installation in 24h.

6.- You will receive your edited photos in 24 hours. And your property is ready to go on the market!

7.- Our prices include 4 weeks rent + 2 weeks more for free! Including furniture and accessories. We’ll call you 10 days before the pickup to confirm the date with you.

Our teams operate in Berkshire, United Kingdom, based in Reading and Malaga and the rest of the Costa del Sol based in Marbella.

2-3 days maximum after the evaluation visit.

The aim of hiring a Home Stager is to save you money. We have access to furniture and accessories at a lower price. Saving your own time, we take care of styling, installation, and collection. And of course, the photos are taken and edited in a professional way.

It is not mandatory, but it is definitely advisable. Trendy colors are white and grey in a very light tone, these colors will provide light, freshness and feeling of space and cleanness to the rooms of your property. Colors like beige or magnolia, which are considered neutral, are out of the current trends and only on certain occasions increase the attraction of potential buyers, normally in areas where the potential buyers will be more mature. If during the evaluation, we think it is essential to paint we will let you know.

Curtains are not included in our pack, but we always try to make the most of your property, depending on the circumstances we could install curtains, but as long as we think it is indispensable and as long as the bars or rails are already installed. The curtains will not be made to measure, we will keep the length they already have.

Between two to three weeks are ideal. However, if you need a service in a matter of a few days we are also prepared for it.
The price of hiring Home staging is less than the first reduction in the price of your house.
Or, in other words, when you Home stage your property you are trying to avoid that your property is on the market for one month or more.
After a month the offers will downward in price. We must also consider the stress that is for the owner to have a home in the market that is not selling or has many possibilities of selling downward. Taking into account only the latter Home staging is worth it.
We do not offer this service, but at Chezâme Home staging We try to be flexible to help you sell your property. If during the evaluation we see that this is the best option for you, we will let you know, and we’ll make a quote accordingly.
We believe that the best way to keep your property in an optimal state for sale is to not live at least until the delivery of the sale purchase deposit. The contract signatory is responsible for securing the furniture and accessories of Chezâme Home staging during the duration of the contract.
Our rental is 4 weeks + 2 weeks free. If you need more time just tell us, the rental price is 1/3 of the total price of the contract for each extra month.
It doesn’t usually happen, but it could happen. We will contact you 10 days before the end of the contract to give you the options available. We can collect the material or extend the rental furniture contract.
Because it’s hard for home buyers to get an idea of the space if it’s unfurnished
When a house does not have furniture the rooms seem smaller and cold, in short, unattractive. In addition, attention is focused on the negative aspects of housing, for example, the size of the rooms or whether they have irregular shapes, the lack of character of the construction or the distribution if it is not optimal. We will give your property warmth without personalizing so that the maximum number of buyers can imagine living in it.
It’s not just that we believe it, the data supports us. The way you decorate a home to live is different from how you should prepare to rent/sell. When you decorate a house, you do it to your liking, and according to your way of life, not to make it attractive to the largest number of possible buyers. When we live in a house we do not repair in that molten bulb or in the accumulation of things in that corner of the kitchen counter.

When we make the decision to sell a house, we must depersonalize it so that the buyers can imagine their belongings in those rooms. In short, they must be able to see themselves living on the property. That’s why it’s always advisable to use Home staging.

About 24 hours depending on the size of the property.
We do not work with any in particular, but we can tell you which ones, in our opinion give better service.
We always try to use the maximum possible furniture that are on the property to make it more deductible for you and for us. But we’ll ask you to remove them if we think they don’t fit into the sales strategy.
Owners often have emotional ties to furniture or accessories in a house, and it is difficult sometimes to remove from the property these emotionally charged items. So that we can do our job more quickly and effectively we prefer that the owners are not on the property during the installation.
When a house has been in the market for a considerable time it is detrimental and offers will start declining. We will design a strategy to make it look like your property has just been put on the market.

Our furniture is insured, but both our furniture and our accessories must be insured by the signatory of the contract once they are on their property.